Release Note DATAVIV’ version 5.1.6

Tables and calculations

- Enrichment of custom tables [subject to premium right] :

  • Added a toolbar to customize the cells style (headers and text type cells)
  • Added conditional formatting
  • Added custom sortings
  • Multilingual cell editing
  • Visualization of decimals and units in the labels of the graphs of the customized tables (NB: decimals and units are to be defined for an entire column or an entire row)

- New sorting functionalities :

  • Added advanced sorting for cross-analysis, comparative analysis and some graphs
  • Possibility to sort in rows a cross / multiple table
  • Possibility to sort a verbatim list according to signature variables and according to an evaluation score
  • Possibility to sort stacked bars in a table according to the highest value in the scale
  • Option to exclude from a sorting process

- Limit the display to n rows or n columns of a single or multiple cross table

- Added new conditional formatting and revised the interface

  • Format a table row according to its name
  • Hide table rows and columns according to criteria

Textual and semantic analysis

- New analysis: Themes / orientations crossings [Subject to Quali Live Engine rights]

  • Crossing themes from the thematic analysis dictionary with the orientation of the comments
  • Visualization of the percentage of interlocutors who evoke a theme in a positive, negative or neutral way
  • Option to apply orientation adjustment based on an assessment variable

- Enrichment of thematic analysis by dictionary [subject to premium right]:

  • Provision of generic dictionaries within the thematic analysis by dictionary:

- Extraction of customer profiles

- Thematic analysis of customer experience

  • Possibility to import/export a dictionary of themes and categories (codebook)

Ergonomics / functional

- Provision of alignment options, distribution, resizing and ordering a selection of objects

- Possibility to set the size and position of a selection of objects

Visualization / restitutions

- Added display options for point clouds and maps:

  • Center the axes
  • Name the axes and dials
  • Choose one color per dial
  • Data label display
  • Application of a proportional size

- Possibility to set the width of the columns of a table

- Improved placement of view filters

- Review of the default presentation of scale questions

  • Display of a histogram with average for scale questions with a scale defined in iQ2
  • Display of graphs without averaging for scale questions without scale defined in iQ2


- Possibility to filter analyses by clicking on an image

Geographic Maps

- New maps :

  • Honduras
  • Guinea
  • Mauritius
  • Overseas collectivities added to the French maps

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