Le Sphinx: expert in surveys and data analysis


The need for faster data analysis; new and impactful ways of presenting results; more interactivity in the experience of reading results or facilitating decision support… These are some of the challenges surveys have been up against for several years due to a generalization in DIY and the propagation of web apps.

To meet these objectives there is an increase in the tools: statistical software to understand and extract data, reporting solutions to explore and create interactivity and graphics software to communicate clear and impactful messages.

Because we want to make things simple and help you to get the most out of your data, we are offering you DATAVIV’, a unique solution for linking statistics, business intelligence and web graphics.

The DATAVIV’ promise: to save time in the treatment of your data to communicate dynamic and interactive results!

This new approach was conceived and developed by Le Sphinx, specialist in surveys and data analysis.


Who is Le Sphinx?

Founded 35 years ago, with a 60-strong workforce today, the company publishes and distributes software based on powerful statistical models and innovative technologies. With a client base of more than 50,000 in over 50 countries, le Sphinx supports you in your survey projects and guides you in your decision making.

Survey, Marketing, Human Resources, Quality, R&D managers, researchers, students: you will all find the power, expertise and innovation that will bring a new light to your surveys and studies with Le Sphinx.