DATAVIV’ features


Management & Calculation

External data import: Excel files, CSV, Triple S, SPSS, SurveyMonkey, Google Forms

Data updates: merge, add and replace

API data feed

Definition and calculation of new variables

Recovery, filtering, cleaning and modification

Merging procedures

Classifying digital data and dates

Weighting by scale

Calculation of variables with script language

Statistical Analyses

Flat analyses

Crossed analyses

Three-dimensional analyses

Factor analysis of Correspondence

Principal Component analysis

Multiple Linear regression

K-means classification

Relationship graphs

Statistical tests: Chi², analyses inter and intra variances, Fisher, correlation

Textual Analyses

Verbatim exploration with search and filter functions on words

Morphosyntactic analysis and filtering according to grammatical type

Identification of specific words according to context

Extraction of most used expressions

Orientation analysis

Automatic identification of concepts and main ideas

Hierarchical classification (Alceste method)

Creation of thematic dictionaries by lexical grouping

Decision analyses

Net Promoter Score

Importance /Performance Matrix

Tetraclass analysis (Llosa)

Characteristics table

Strength/Weakness Matrix

Comparative analysis by filter tables

Defining objectives and deviation calculation

Data Visualizations


Histograms, stacked bars

Lines, curves, stacked areas

Sectors, half-sectors

Rings, half-rings

Box plot



Bars, face-to-face columns


Word cloud


Heat map


Bubble matrix and point/bubble cloud

Fillable images

Proportional maps (Treemaps)

Geographical maps


Graphic shapes

Personalized images

Vector image bank


Rich text areas

Personalized graphic chart

Rotation of graphic objects management

Automatic alignment function

Interactivity & Communication


Filter a view

Analysis illustration by one view

Filter results from a table/graph

Conditional display of objects

Comments on overview


Automatic identification of reading media (Smartphone, tablet, PC), responsive design management

Multilingual management

Real time updates of results

Creation of dedicated websites with links to results


Online reporting with management of access rights

Creation of dedicated messages to invite consultation

Restricted access with authorization management

Sharing protection with username and password

Sharing link, iFrame integration, sharing on social networks

Simple and batch exports in pdf, pptx, csv, docx, odt

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